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To renew multiple permits at once
(for a business with multiple locations in Idaho)

1.      From the home page, choose “renew all permits at once.”

2.      Click on the drop-down list at the top of the page, and select your business name. The details about your business will appear in the space below. When your business is selected, choose Continue.

If your business is not listed

3.      Check the accuracy of the business information displayed.

4.      Enter information for any missing fields. Look for the red text to indicate a required field that is missing.

5.      View the list of Permits for this business. Make sure the “Renew Permit” check box is selected for each permit you want to renew.

You will not be able to renew an outlet’s permit if the outlet:

a.      Is missing required information, such as a contact name or phone number. Click on the Permit number (or missing info link) to update the information for that outlet.

b.      Has any outstanding fines from past violations. To pay the fines online, choose the Pay Fines link.  How to pay fines online


6.      Finish filling out the form, including the notification option. When all of the information is correct, click on Renew Permits.

7.      [Optional]  Print copies of the new permit(s).  How to print the permit(s)

8.      [Optional]  Download a copy of the Idaho code and Employee Training Form, as well as age-restricted signs (required only for age-restricted businesses). Requires software capable of reading PDF files, such as the Acrobat® Reader from Adobe® Systems Inc.

If you don’t have a program capable of reading the PDF file, download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s web site:

9.      Click “Done.”