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To pay fines online

Please note: If you paying online by credit card, you will be charged a transaction fee of 2.3%+$0.30. This is why the amount charged to your credit card will be slightly higher than the total amount of the fine.


1.      Click on the Pay Fines button.

2.      If this payment includes fines from multiple outlets,

a.      Check the list of outlets selected. Click on the Pay Fines checkbox to deselect any you do not wish to pay at this time.

b.      Click on the Calculate Total link to recalculate the total fine amount and total to be billed.

c.      Click on the Pay Fines button.

3.      Enter a credit card number, expiration date, and billing information.

4.      Click on “I authorize this transaction.”

5.      Confirm the billing information and amount.

6.      Click on “Submit transaction for processing.”

7.      On the following screen, click on “Return to permit system.”

8.      Return to the ITP home page, then restart the process of renewing the permit.(Choose the appropriate “Renew” option, then choose your business name, and so on.)