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To get a new permit for a single-location business
(A business with one location in Idaho)

Use this option if you have never signed up for a permit for this business before, or if the business name or ownership has changed.


1.      From the home page, choose “first-time permit.”

2.      Fill out the business name and location on the following page, and choose “No” for the last question about multiple locations.

3.      Fill out all of the fields in the following page, including mailing address, contacts, business hours, and notification options. When all of the information is correct and complete, click on Request Permit.

4.      [Optional]  Print a copy of your permit.

How to print the permit

5.      [Optional]  Download a copy of the Idaho code and Employee Training Form, as well as age-restricted signs (required only for age-restricted businesses). Requires software capable of reading PDF files, such as the Acrobat® Reader from Adobe® Systems Inc.

If you don’t have a program capable of reading the PDF file, download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe’s web site:

6.      Click “Done.”