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To get a new permit for one or more outlet locations
(for a business with multiple locations in Idaho)

If your business has multiple locations in Idaho but NONE of those locations has a tobacco permit yet, we regret that our system will not be ready to set up all of your new outlets until October 21, 2002. You have two options:

·        Apply for a single-business permit. From the home page, choose “first-time permit.” Choose “No” for the last question about multiple locations, then continue as though the business were a single location.

·        Do not apply for a new permit until after October 21, 2002.

Note: You have until December 31, 2002 to get a new permit for the year 2003.


If your business has multiple locations in Idaho, and some of those locations already have tobacco permits, DO NOT USE the first-time permit option. Instead, use the following procedure:

1.      From the home page, choose “renew all permits at once” (the second option).

2.      Click on the drop-down list at the top of the page, and select your business name. The details about your business will appear in the space below. When your business is selected, choose Continue.

3.      On the summary page for your company, scroll down to the list of existing outlets with permits. Click on the link entitled, “Add another outlet” (located on the right side of the page).

4.      Choose one of the following options:

·        Select from a list of existing businesses – Choose this option if you have acquired an outlet with a history of selling tobacco products under previous ownership. Chances are, it will already appear in our list of permit businesses.

1.      Choose the business name from the list that appears on the subsequent page, then click on Add this business.

2.      Your company summary page appears again, and this time the new outlet is listed in the Permits list. To change the outlet contact names, phone number, hours, etc., click on the Permit Number. (If the outlet is missing any required information, the red “Missing Info” link will appear. Click on this link to enter the information.)

3.      Once the outlet information is correct, choose Save to return to the company summary page. From here, you can add another outlet, renew other permits, or choose Cancel to return to the home page.

·        Create a new business – Choose this option if you are opening a brand new store that has no history of selling tobacco products under any previous owner. Continue with Step 5 below.

5.      Fill out all of the information about the outlet, including mailing address, contacts, business hours, and notification options. When all of the information is correct and complete, click on Get Permit.

6.      Verify all of the information on the summary page. To change any of the information, choose the Back button and make the change. When the information is correct, choose Get Permit.

Note: Once you request the permit, you will not be able to change the business name or location. If the business name, owner, or location change within the next year, the owner must apply for a new permit.

7.      [Optional]Print copies of the new permit(s).

a.      Click on “Print Permit” in the table.

b.      In the permit window, choose File, then Print from the browser’s menu (at the top of the window).

d.      Repeat for all permits you wish to print.

8.      [Optional]Download a copy of the Idaho code and Employee Training Form, as well as age-restricted signs (required only for age-restricted businesses). Requires software capable of reading PDF files, such as the Acrobat® Reader from Adobe® Systems Inc.

9.      Click “Done.”

10.  Click “Add another outlet” and repeat the process for another location, or click “Done” to return to the ITP Home page.